Writing – Meditation Practice

One of the ways that I have been experiencing a deepening connection with my heart is through writing. Because of this, I have found a new respect for this art. Let me take you through my experience. Earlier, the way I wrote was to write whatever was coming to my mind.Then many years later I… Continue reading Writing – Meditation Practice

Importance of writing in my life

Photo by Jan Kahánekon Unsplash Today, I am going to share when and why I write and how it has become important in my life. Making List : To-do list, grocery list, Amazon list, etc I need to write these down to remember. Giving this activity a structure in the form of writing gives me… Continue reading Importance of writing in my life

For some of us…

For some of us, life is just hanging in here, a little above despair, floating over nightmares, while sometimes drowning in circles, waiting to be rescued, for such prayer, trying to make through every sun-ray, for some of us, life is always here.    


I have come across death, in dreams of suffocation and threat, when I lose respect in someone's head, sitting alone wondering 'what next?',spiralling in endless series of regrets,leaving myself behind for others, to impress,in unusual fear and cold sweat,Oh,I still have a long way ahead... Photo by Hoach Le Dinh on Unsplash