Notorious Voices

Yesterday night, I witnessed my observing self, It said ‘all others were merely voices in the head’.   ‘Some took me that way, the others to another, All going through the merry-go-round, from brr brr to grr grr'.   (I asked)Was it the joker on Sunday? and the victim on Monday? ‘They play and sway’ it… Continue reading Notorious Voices

Two Sides

Thorns can be trusted, It is the betrayal, I am pained of.   Voices can be silenced, It is the noises, I am awakened of.   Misery can cause riots, It is the fake composure, I am derailed of.   Swords can be slaved, It is the masters, I am ravaged of.   Death can… Continue reading Two Sides

The Mighty Fear

He roams the earth glorifying his crown, But, he fears of dying alone.   He claims the world forcing the weaker to drown, But, he fears of dying alone.   He dreams of wearing the creator’s gown, Yet, he fears of dying alone.