The Veil

The bridge is where the beyond lies, They are staring at us with tearful eyes, They hope, one day, We come to light.   Of what now seems a terrible fight, These walls, through these walls, Oh, these walls  of spite, They hope, one day, We come to light.   From gloom to sun, From… Continue reading The Veil

To see Myself !

“I don’t want to be known as the girl who was shot by the Taliban. I want to be a girl who struggled for her rights” - Malala Yousafzai This quote has inspired me to write this short post. How do we see our ourselves ? Do we see ourselves from the eyes of the… Continue reading To see Myself !

Mini Series : Maya – 5

The Rising “  The Beginning ........  managing to stay on her course bare-footed, along the fields, Maya saw a light coming from what appeared to be a small stoned opening. Reaching through the rocky road in her tethered robe, her body gave up under the dimly lit wooden gate.  She fell unconscious with the burns of… Continue reading Mini Series : Maya – 5

What about Void?

What happens when in the past all the major decisions of one’s life were based either on fear, advise, confusion, wish to prove oneself, financial independence, instant gratification, sudden rush of energy etc. What happens when all of the above driving forces leave? Can one suddenly switch from this void which is caused by the… Continue reading What about Void?

Mini Series : Maya – 4

The Black Mark Maya could not believe her fate and failed to understand the reason of her family, marrying her to Rohilla. Under the disillusioning belief that her family had a good heart, many months passed. Maya seemed happy and content with occasional troubled health which Rohilla convinced her to be due to the new… Continue reading Mini Series : Maya – 4