Writing – Meditation Practice

One of the ways that I have been experiencing a deepening connection with my heart is through writing. Because of this, I have found a new respect for this art.

Let me take you through my experience.

Earlier, the way I wrote was to write whatever was coming to my mind.
Then many years later I realised, that kind of writing was fuelling the noise in my mind.
Every time I sat down to write, the noise in my mind started, I wrote that noise. Not giving the clarity I sought. The clarity that I had heard people spoke of.
So, I stopped writing entirely for a few years while still craving deeply to write.

When only recently, I rediscovered the kind of writing which resonated with me. It started to feel sort of meditation practice. The practice as simple to state is as complex to put to work.

One day I sat down with a pen and paper, with a very genuine intent that I want to write, also being aware of how I felt the way I wrote before. So I knew I didn’t want to write from the place of noise.

I sat and started observing the noises in my head with occasional nudges from my mind to write and fuel those noises. There was nothing but noise. After a while, I put away my pen and paper without writing anything.
This continued to happen for a few days until a day came when the noises subsided, there were moments of silence but still nothing to write.
I smiled and again kept away my journal with no words have been put down.

Then another day came when the noises started and subsided, silence came and something started coming from the canvas of peace. Of course, for not long. But once I experienced that process, I received clarity for my path to writing.

Now, there are days when there is just noise and I don’t write. There are days when there is just a momentous silence and soon the mind chattering starts. And amidst those, a day arrives, when my heart speaks and I feel closer to myself.

I have found writing to be a serene meditation practice. It is helping me to connect with my authentic self.

What are your experiences with this art?
Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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