Importance of writing in my life

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Today, I am going to share when and why I write and how it has become important in my life.

Making List :
To-do list, grocery list, Amazon list, etc I need to write these down to remember. Giving this activity a structure in the form of writing gives me a sense of small but tangible accomplishments, especially, on days when the time would pass being in a mental space all day.

There are different types of journals. There are different ways to journal. For me, whenever I am stuck in a mental or an emotional loop, I write in a journal. It helps me project my loop onto a paper so that I can observe it from a distance instead of being in the head which results in my mental/emotional space freeing up. I will make diagrams, even mark them with words and all. Sometimes, it helps me to take stock of my loop. Other times, it helps me to accept what I am going through. And occasionally I do get some solution to get out of the loop.

To know me better:
Figuring my stand and what I feel about a certain or any topic come neither easy nor naturally to me. It is really hard for me to form an opinion/take or even a choice about something. I have to think and dig deep into my mental and emotional self to extract for even a common question like favorite color or food.
Every time I sit down to write, it takes the same amount of energy to unearth the various aspects of my self. Sometimes I feel these aspects just don’t want to be explored so easily.
This form of writing is the hardest and yet the most fulfilling as it brings me closer to myself.

To interact & connect with the world:
Sharing written word gives me a sense of confidence (not that I am a good writer) to interact, participate, and connect in this world as compared to talking to someone. Maybe because I am my most authentic self when I write. The words arriving from the seat of patience, contemplation, self-reflection are at best and true at that moment.

In conclusion, writing as a life skill and as an expression is helping me evolve as a person.

When and why do you write?
Please share it with me.

9 thoughts on “Importance of writing in my life”

  1. Beautiful Post…. 💛🌼👍👌

    Why do I write??

    Well… Writing,to me is a path that is leading me to my spirituality. I write to give myself strength.I write to express my inner voice, which I feel will give others strength. I write to explore and delve deep into the topics which matter to all of us. I write cause I feel words are a place where my worth lies ….. Cause there comes a realisation that only words you think and write belong to you

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  2. Glad that you were able to find meaning in writing! I actually share the same sentiments. For me, I write to share my thoughts and ideas and I try my best to practice by writing consistently here on my blog. I love connecting and learning with others too! It’s fascinating to see different perspectives on a certain topic and I write to share mine as well! Anyway, great post! Take care and good luck! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, getting to know different perspectives on a certain topic is so refreshing and exciting in a way. Good luck and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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