Nature of an Artist

As an artist, we cannot simply observe from a distance. We have to breathe, immerse, surrender ourselves to the inspiration that has knocked on our door at that moment, and we intend to honour it. There is something about our nature that just doesn’t allow us to let pass the opportunity.

We dig deep and then come out with our expression.

Every process involves us to pay a price, the price every time, is our soul. This does take a toll on our psyche, especially, if we get entangled with our own issues during that process.

And so, I have come to realise that it is very important to be in touch with our balanced selves, to which we can return back to.

I respect truly, the cost every artist is paying to bring his/her expression into this world no matter the reach. Especially, for the ones who are quietly creating, performing selflessly with no expectations of their recognition, struggling with everyday life, somehow adapting to this world because their soul’s nature is to march on the tune of an artist.

Dear Poetry…

I want to,



and be you,


when the time comes,

let me,

leave through you.

Going forward, I do wish to write more on this topic.

Please do share your insights and/or experiences on this subject through the comments section or email (contact page).

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